Millar House c.1876

Millar House c.1876

The Millar family is among familiar names associated with Thorold during the late Victorian era. In 1866, James Millar began his business as a merchant and tailor in Thorold. His establishment at 31 Front St. south was burned out in a disastrous fire that devastated downtown Thorold; fortunately he was able to successfully rebuild his business. He was very active in the community as a member of the Thorold School Board and the Beneficiary Secretary for the year of 1897 for the Royal Templars of Temperance. In 1897 he was a member of the Thorold Board of Trade as a councillor. He was a member of the Methodist Church (Trinity) and president of the Sunday School Convention.

There were 6 children born to James and Ann (Mair) Millar. One of the sons, David E. Millar, followed in his father’s footsteps and worked as a tailor in the family business. From 1906-1907, he was Mayor of the Town of Thorold.

The original owner of the house was William England. In 1901, Henrietta June England, as executrix of the Estate of William England, sold the house at 43 Welland St. South to David E. Millar. The house remained in the Millar family until 1992.

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