Memorial Park 1919

Memorial Park 1919

In 1919 the Town of Thorold purchased this land from the Board of Trustees of the Public Schools of the Town of Thorold; it was to become a lasting memorial to the Men of Thorold who lost their lives for King and Country during the Great War – 1914 to 1918, and would be known as Memorial Park.

The Soldiers Monument was constructed and dedicated in 1921 and remains as a testament to the brave men of Thorold who fought and died in both World Wars and the Conflict in Korea. In 1999 this monument was designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.

This parcel of land is still known as Memorial Park and was part of Dr.Henry Rolls Estate. The land was acquired by D.B.Crombie, who sold it to the Board of Trustees of the Public Schools of the Town of Thorold; it remains today one of the finest pieces of greenspace within the bounds of downtown Thorold.

The entrance to the park, off Albert St. East, was laid out with shrubs and plantings by members of the Thorold Horticultural Society. With the receipt of its charter in 1929 at a public meeting held in the park, Memorial Park is where the Society began. With the construction of a new bandshell, the park became the home for the popular Thorold Reed Band concerts.

There are mature stands of hardwood trees located in the park; many indigenous species, notably ash, maple, sycamore and beech can be found, along with several species of flowering bushes and ornamental shrubs. All of this gives an air of Victorian/Edwardian charm to this place, lending a feel of walking in an area steeped in history. Memorial Park is one of the only “passive” parks in the City.

Memorial Park’s natural and remaining built architectural features remain in their original locations within their original environment. This park is an outstanding example of Thorold’s natural heritage . . . a wonderful area of peace, solemnity and reflection in our City.

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